Termite Control Solutions in Maryland

Maryland Termite Control proudly serves the greater Maryland area, offering residential and commercial termite control solutions. Maryland Termite provides creative, eco-friendly, and effective termite control solutions to all of your termite control concerns, with a range of customizable termite management programs to match your individual needs!

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Termite Prevention in Your Home

Maryland Termite Removal Plans


Home Termite Extermination In Maryland

Inspection services provided by MD Termite Control are meant to provide homeowners with piece of mind when it comes to pest prevention. We provide highly effective and environmentally safe termite treatment methods that pose no risk to humans or pets. We also provide a number of termite treatment options at a fair price, as well as preventative treatments and advice on how to best avoid future pest problems.

MD Termite Control works relentlessly to keep your home termite-free, guaranteed, from free initial inspections to regularly scheduled service visits. If pests reappear between visits, we'll re-treat at no extra charge with our home termite control programs and re-service guarantee.

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Commercial Termite Exterminiation In Maryland

Termites are one of the most common sources of business establishment damage in the United States. Not surprisingly, company owners spend thousands of dollars each year to remediate termite-damaged parts of their properties. Business owners, on the other hand, may prevent termite damage to their homes and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with keeping these harmful termites at bay with regular termite inspection services.

MD Termite Control offers commercial termite control solutions for a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, property management, and healthcare facilities. Our adaptable termite control strategies are ideal for solving and preventing pest issues in local companies.

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Maryland Termite Solutions Process

If termites have been discovered in your house or indicators of termites have been discovered, MD Termite Control professionals can assist you in determining the best termite treatment solutions for your most valuable asset. Our termite control method efficiently eliminates present termite infestations and prevents the establishment of new termite colonies in your house.


MD Termite Control will evaluate your home and property for indicators of termite activity, assess termite damage, and identify situations that encourage termite infestations.

Termite Elimination

Termite bait stations will be deliberately placed in the soil surrounding the residence by experienced Maryland Termite Control technicians.

Termite Monitoring

We'll keep an eye on things to make sure your home is safe against termites in the future, and we'll restock bait as needed.

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MD Termite Control Company

MD Termite Control has a track record of successfully eliminating termites from homes and businesses. Many of our termite control clients have told their friends and neighbors about us. We value referrals and the word-of-mouth advertising that our satisfied clients provide for us. Our skilled termite removal technicians are trained to uphold our high standards on every job we conduct, and our experience allows us to manage jobs of any size and scope, both residential and commercial.

Protecting your company or house against pests is an important aspect of your maintenance duties in Maryland. Termites, for example, are a major hazard to your property and may constitute a health risk to humans. Termites eat wood and can wreak havoc on foundations and supports, rendering structures unsafe and necessitating costly repairs. To keep termites out of your Maryland home or business, you'll need to learn about their habits, take preventative measures, and identify effective treatment alternatives if an infestation occurs. Now is the time to contact MD Termite Control!

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Termites in Maryland: Information About Termites

Termites are underground social insects that live in colonies of up to a million individuals and feed on dead plant material, particularly wood. Termite colonies are large and complicated, with multiple central offices located near food supplies such as fallen logs or even man-made structures and linked by underground tunnels.


Termites: How to Spot Them

Only after the tunnels of worker termites are damaged can they be seen. Termites of this caste are often white or pale in color, with spherical bodies and heads and straight antennae. Swarmers resemble flying ants in appearance, but their wings are longer than their bodies and have rounded ends. Termites have two sets of wings, one of which is shorter than the other. Flying ants have two sets of wings, one of which is shorter than the other.

Termite mud tunnels often resemble cave stalagmites. Look for three types of mud tunnels while evaluating your property for termites: working tubes, exploratory tubes, and drop tubes. Exploratory tubes go through the earth while working tubes run from the soil to a food source. A drop tube is a tube that connects the wood to the soil.

What Kinds of Termites Can You Find in Maryland?

We at MD Termite Control, provide an explanation on types of termites present in Maryland. Subterranean termites of several varieties can be found in Maryland. Swarms of Eastern subterranean termites are common from March through May. Dark Southeastern termites swarm between March and June, while light Southeastern termites swarm between August and October.

All these species swarm during the day but can also be found at night swarming around light sources. The MD Termite Control experts at explain worker termites may work year-round, chewing through various parts of wooden structures to feed themselves and the colony. According to Maryland Termite Control technicians, as long as termites can find a warm, moist area, they remain active.


Protecting Your Property With MD Termite Control

MD Termite Control provides skilled treatment that can successfully and efficiently control and prevent termites from attacking your Maryland home or company. Our usage of tried-and-true methods focuses on locating the source of the pest problem and eradicating termites from the source. Termite control materials are selected and used in a manner that minimizes threats to human health, pets, and the environment, thanks to our termite control experience. Call today for a FREE, no-obligation assessment from Maryland Termite Control!

What Is the Cost of Termite Treatment?

Let's take a look at how termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage before we get into the cost of a termite treatment. Every year in the United States, homeowners confront pricey termite damage repairs that are rarely covered by insurance.

Unfortunately, we live in a high-termite-activity zone, which implies termites will invade homes in our area not if, but when. Is it really possible to afford not to defend your property from these pests?

The cost of termite control is determined by a number of factors, including the structure's size, type of construction, and the severity of the infestation. When you contact MD Termite Control, we'll sit down with you to decide the best treatment option for you. We'll walk you through our procedure and give you an accurate treatment cost.

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